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Who is Anna Carroll?

Anna Carroll, MSSW is an author, feedback coach, and speaker. She helps leaders and professionals speed up their cycles of feedback, improvement, and results on shared goals. She accomplishes this via training people on how to give and receive great feedback as well as facilitation and coaching.

She currently works with Austin Regional Clinic, Fandango, Horseshoe Bay Resort, Impraise, NES Global Talent, PayPal, and Zimmer-Biomet and other individual coaching clients.

Carroll wrote The Feedback Imperative: How to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team’s Success (River Grove Press, 2013) and The Everyday Feedback Workbook: How to Use the Everyday Feedback Method with Your Team (2015). She is working on a book describing organizations who are successful using fast, frequent feedback, and the keys to their success



PayPal has gained great value from Anna Carroll’s Everyday Feedback training and facilitation We see real productivity and engagement benefits from faster feedback loops, as our leaders apply these techniques to develop team members.” –Aimie Aronica, Head of Technology Engagement, PayPal

Anna Carroll has added great value to our company as an executive coach. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of feedback has been very beneficial in the company’s high potential leadership development program. The skill of providing feedback is more essential than ever before if we are to grow the business and develop the people who make it possible.” –Daniel Guthrie, General Manager, Zimmer Biomet Dental

We have adopted Everyday Feedback as a core leadership practice & people throughout the organization are seeing significant improvements and positive morale.” –Dane Groeneveld, Regional Director, NES Global Talent

I have hired coaching & OD expert Anna Carroll on multiple occasions and have always been delighted with her work. She has had a very positive impact on our organization by facilitating transparent feedback that serves our business and our employees. This year our managers have benefited greatly from her one-on-one coaching, which has boosted our leadership success and increased the managers’ satisfaction.” –Bob Martin, VP, Human Resources, Austin Regional Clinic

Thanks to Anna, we’ve seen a cultural shift here, with leaders much more open, direct, and helpful with feedback conversations on a frequent basis. Anna Carroll has trained & coached our leaders toward breakthrough results, using excellent feedback & development approaches with all of our employees.” –Mike McKeown, HR Director, Horseshoe Bay Resort

Everyday Feedback is a brilliant method for motivating, developing & retaining our people. Through Anna’s coaching & consulting, we have developed strong leadership bench strength and teams are continuing to benefit. Anna Carroll is a superb coach who has been an excellent guide for our high potential directors. She has also designed many feedback and development tools and presented training that engaged our people and accelerated learning.” –Renee Rogers, VP Leadership and Organizational Development, Zimmer

Anna Carroll was an extraordinarily efficient facilitator of our off-site planning meeting that involved over 40 people in multiple teams. We consolidated our vision for the future in a way everyone could understand and support. Everyone left with positive energy and could see where our work is heading and how it all fits together. I am also happy to report that a year after our meeting, our projects are on track and the team continues to be energized and excited about our goals!” –Laura Wills, VP Operations, Austin Regional Clinic

Do you ever wonder how the everyday feedback method came to be? Learn the story of everyday feedback here.

How Everyday Feedback Got Started

My fascination with feedback started shortly after I began my career in a business consultancy called Scientific Methods, founded by social psychologists Robert Blake and Jane Mouton. Their innovative research and training was focused on how people conform to others when they are making group decisions. Even when they have doubts, human beings consistently give no feedback or only positive feedback when their leader or other influencers suggest a solution.

As I led training session and spoke to leaders about the biggest problems they faced, it became clear that frequent, candid feedback conversations were missing. People at all levels of the organization and among professionals in high-stakes settings such as airline cockpits, nuclear power plants, boardrooms & meeting rooms everywhere, people avoided honest and timely feedback. The people with information which could have prevented loss of money, loss of life, and other problems often felt shut down as the “culture” of their decision-making didn’t allow for diverse views. In every location I visited and in every industry got involved with, there was a need for feedback.

I saw that when leaders and team members develop the skills and commitment to better feedback, huge progress resulted! I leapt into researching, writing, training and speaking about the everyday feedback approach. I knew that my mission in life would center on helping people exchange frequent, honest, beneficial feedback.