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The Feedback Imperative

The Feedback Imperative bookHow to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team’s Success

Feedback is more crucial to your people and your business than ever before. Younger and hard-to-retain employees demand it and your information-intensive business can’t wait for once-a-year reviews to build talent. Yet, fast and frequent feedback conversations are missing in most organizations today.

This well-researched but easy-understand guide will help you recognize the specific reasons why feedback is so challenging and the specific things you can do to launch great feedback in your group. You will be able to assess your own feedback mindset, strengths, fears, and weaknesses, and learn simple methods for giving the most helpful feedback. Also “Six Steps to Everyday Feedback” equips you and your colleagues to unleash real-time feedback in the whole organization.

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Reader Reviews

“The Feedback Imperative spells out exactly what employees want and need in today’s workplace! We see real productivity and engagement benefits from faster feedback loops as our leaders apply these techniques to develop team members.” –Aimie Aronica, Head of Technology Engagement, PayPal

“By following the guidance in the book, managers at all levels become coaches instead of judges, and everyone wins, including the organization.” –Jeanette Cacciola, Senior Director, HR, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

“The Feedback Imperative makes a compelling case that in the competitive information economy, leaders can no longer ignore their employees’ need for frequent, honest feedback to help them focus & improve their performance.” –Bob Martin, VP, Human Resources at Austin Regional Clinic/Covenant Management System

“This is a book that should be read at all levels of the organization and I see it as being an important tool in front line supervisory training as well as an excellent reference for people at the executive levels.” –Elliot Kaplan, Director, Quality Assurance, Superior Completion Services

“Her approach to feedback is pragmatic, insightful, and energizing. As an experienced consultant, she knows the power of simple heuristics and tools to entice leaders into shifting their mindsets and trying out new practices until ‘everyday feedback’ becomes the norm.” –Renee Rogers, Vice President, Learning and Development, Zimmer-Biomet